Thursday, November 27, 2008

Information To Help You In Bankruptcy Or To Avoid It

Information to help you:

A Bankruptcy Video Primer

Introduction Running Time: (2:38)
Types of Bankruptcy Running Time: (3:55)
Limits of Debts Running Time: (4:34)
Filing for Bankruptcy Running Time: (2:57)
Meeting of Creditors Running Time: (1:27)
Court Hearings Running Time: (6:58)
This Discharge Running Time: (1:27)
Legal Assistance Running Time: (4:58)

Useful information from the Office of the US Trustee on bankruptcy

Can You Avoid Bankruptcy? Let's see

"Surviving Debt" - from the National Consumer Law Center

Warning: general bankruptcy information is no substitute for personalized advice from a bankruptcy attorney after your financial information is gathered, your circumstances analyzed and a game plan developed for you.

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