Thursday, November 27, 2008

Since I Can't Be a Lifeguard To All Of You

I made this blog. My favorite job was being a lifeguard. I also taught people to swim.

I can't help all of you personally in these treacherous times. There are too many who need help, the surf is too high and the riptides too strong. Some of you I can teach to swim well enough to swim on your own to get yourself out of the surf.

Others will need the help of myself and those like me who know how to swim in these treacherous waters, while carrying another to shore. I will do my best for as many as I can. I have almost drowned myself. I want us all to live to get back into the water and swim another day.


Anonymous said... this thing on??

Anonymous said...

whata cool sentiment!!!
after our meeting i gotta say-i admire your position&heart.
thanks for being on "OUR-side"